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The Shekinah Darkness

The Shekinah Darkness

Darkness is the beginning and the end.

If it were not, then there could be no origination, neither could there be a curtain drawn over this material existence.

The Darkness both conceives and concludes material being.

It is the Crucible of material form, and the earth upon which the seed of life lived must fall, otherwise it would not bear the fruit of its passing away.

Yet we decry the Darkness, shun it and condemn it as an enemy of life, when in fact it is the very Source of all that we are, and of all that the Universe is.

It is this Darkness that is said to have moved upon the face of the deep.

It brooded there, like a hen, explicitly that Divine Spirit.

And when the perfect moment arose, when that which is unborn, that eternal First Thought in the mind of the Source, the Darkness manifested the Light

The Darkness conceived of Herself and bore a child, and that child was Light.

A Light that could, and can only be known because its backdrop is the deep Darkness of the Cthonic Heart.